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The novelty in cosmetics keratin lifting lashes, and eyelash.


The procedure is harmless and includes the steps of eyelash curler, saturation vitamins and keratin, due to which the eyelashes hairs become thicker and longer, acquiring healthy glow, and then the eyelashes are painted in the desired tone and held consolidation of all effects.

In fact, is an analogue of keratin hair restoration, Only for eyelashes. Thanks keratirovaniyu eyelashes become thicker and thicker, It formed a beautiful bend, due to the general increase in elongation and raised upper eyelid and creates the effect of "open eyes".

Besides the decorative function, procedure also restores eyelashes, by filling them with pigment, keratin and vitamins. I.e, it is absolutely safe for health in general,, and in particular for the eyelashes.

Lifting eyelashes is performed in several stages:

1. Eyelashes spread on a special silicone pad, and means applied to them, and which performs a direct lift (eyelash lifting).

2. Then fill the lashes tint pigment, which gives them a distinctive color.

3. The last step is a health - is applied to the eyelashes formulated with vitamins, aminokislotami and proteinami. It is responsible for strengthening and improvement of the eyelashes.

After that 24 hours can not wash, to lash does not touch the water. So what is next, comes the magic - the effect of false eyelashes, which does not happen from the promised advertising carcass. Eyelashes really become much darker, thicker and longer. by the way, paint them with ink not totally prohibited.

The main difference between the keratin lifting from, already familiar to us, eyelash extensions - we can safely sleep face in the pillow (eyelashes fall off and do not bend), wash any media and hot water, swim in the sea and chlorinated swimming pool.

The effect of the procedure lasts about 3 months without the need for correction.

The magical effect of the procedure confirmed by thousands of enthusiastic reviews and photos of girls. apparently, keratinovыy lifting lashes - This is our new secret weapon for seducing men!


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