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Services unit Kuma Shape III

The device is vacuum-roller massage Kuma Shape 3 successfully uses modern technology to carry out procedures aimed at eliminating cellulite, figure correction, volume reduction (Non-surgical liposuction) and increase skin elasticity. Very easy to use and maintain thanks to the information display in Russian, whereby a user is informed of the state of the apparatus as a whole and controls all the time or applicator manipuly. This unit replaces the legendary Kuma Shape 2 and now even more convenient to use, less noisy and more productive. Rose to touchscreen 10.4 inch, Vacuum cups are replaced with plastic on the safety glass and increased the number of vacuum pumps instead of one to three. This modernization has led to a decrease in the duration of the procedure and has significantly increased the capacity of the machine. Vacuum roller massage has become more sensitive, despite the increased power, handpiece and more convenient at work. Dobavlen bipolyarnыy RF, which operates in the large and small nozzle, accurately controlling and optimizing the energy given out. Many companies in Russia appreciated the innovation company, declaring the convenience and ease of use with the device, demonstrating the positive results of their work.

1. Correction of figures

The simultaneous action of vacuum, mechanical rollers, infrared light (IK) and RF energy, allows the unit Kuma Shape 3 affect the body fat area, significantly activating the metabolic processes of all layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This fundamentally new approach in the field of aesthetic medicine allows for a short time not only to ensure the harmony of shapes, and pull, smooth skin, and improve its elasticity.

2. Cellulite removal and massage

Application of the device Kuma Shape 3 It allows to provide thermal effect on tissue, prone to cellulite. The rollers in combination with the vacuum gently massage the skin, which promotes the penetration of heat and energy transfer to the dermis and hypodermis, improving blood circulation. Blood, which primarily directed infrared light exposure (IK) RF current and RF, better oxygenated. it, in turn activates metabolic fat breakdown, the stored fat cells (lipolysis), which reduces the volume of fat cells themselves. In this way, Can not remove the effect of "orange peel" the main cause of which is the growth of fat cells out of the connective tissue. As a result,, there is a significant decrease in the volume, eliminates cellulite, and in places of treatment, the skin is smoothed and tightened.

3. Reduced volume and removal of fat deposits

Five procedures sufficient to get rid of a significant excess centimeters. Restoration of the structure, increasing skin elasticity is improved while on 20-30%. Prolonged effect after a course of treatment will be most noticeable after 3-4 weeks after the last treatment.

4. Increased tone

Аппарат Shape 3 not only effectively restore the appearance and function of all layers of the skin in cellulite, but also improves exercise tolerance, relieves chronic fatigue condition, that is able to provide a general tonic effect on the body as a whole.


1. When the subcutaneous adipose tissue with, bipolar RF together with two rollers and automatic maniples, may penetrate into the subcutaneous layer of 0,5 to 1,5 cm showing the effect after the first procedure.
2. Infrared light heats the connective tissue speeding up the process of regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers. Such action improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, promoting metabolism.
3. Adjustable vacuum with two rollers and allows the electrodes to absorb the target area, focusing on a specific processing area. Thus it is possible to make precise and effective treatment. Automatic rotation of the rollers makes the treatment more comfortable.


What is special about the device Kuma Shape?
AND Shape — it is the only unit, which uses a combination of four advanced technologies: Bipolyarnaya radiochastotnaya RF - эnergiya, vacuum, phototherapy (red and infrared spectra), as well as avtomassazh, adding light and biopolyarnuyu negative energy pulse pressure and mechanical action. A very important advantage of KUMA Shape compared with other devices termoliftinga — strictly localized effects. The device has the highest efficiency in the procedures of RF-lifting face and body, as well as weight loss procedures, body contouring and cellulite programmah.V some cases, the most effective use of KUMA Shape? Procedures machine KUMA Shape help solve many problems of aging and aesthetic face and body. And so effectively, that represent a full-fledged alternative to surgical methods


RF Power: 50 w
RF frequency: 10 mHz
Power infrared beam: 20 w
radio wavelength IR: 700-2500 nm
Vacuum: 0-0,07 MPa, 0-50 on
modes of operation: continuous and pulsed
Cooling system: water, air and semiconductor
display type: 10.4 TFT touch screen
Dimensions of nozzles: big head — 50 mm / 55 mm, small nozzle — 37 mm / 23 mm
dimensions (D / W / H): 360/550/800 mm, 1420/216/315 mm
Electronic power supply: 110-220+10 V
The frequency of the voltage: 50/60 HZ
Gross weight: 50 kg
Guarantee: 12 months
Manufacturer country: China



— excess body fat;
— cellulite phenomenon;
— stretching, striae after weight loss, pregnancy;
— dryablaya skin, decline of elasticity, skin turgor;
— swelling of tissues;
— double chin;
— facial wrinkles.

The course consists of 6-10 procedures, carried out with a frequency 1 once a week. The processing time of one zone 20-50 minutes.
The procedure is done on clean, dry skin (no lotions, perfumery). Before a session held weighing and measuring a patient volumes, to determine its initial parameters.
In the treatment of the various zones is large or small nozzle can be used. Immediately massage oil is applied before exposure to the applicator (lotion).
After the procedure, the patient will feel a persistent heat in the place for a treat 15-30 minutes. It may also be a slight reddening of the skin. Very rarely - pain, krovopodtёky, hair loss (by the action of the rollers and infrared light).


— oncopathology;
— pacemaker;
— metal implants or other exposure region;
— old burn scars, keloïdı;
— diabetes;
— acute or chronic diseases in decompensation stage;
— pregnancy, lactation, 6 months after delivery;
— any active skin processes in the area of ​​influence;
— very dry and fragile skin;
— use of drugs, increase photosensitivity (akkutan, tetracycline, tutsan);
— varicose veins in the affected area;
— epilepsy;
— irregularities in the impact area of ​​the integrity of the skin;
— tattoos or permanent makeup in the area of ​​influence.

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