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Laser Єpilyatsiya

  • Laser Hair Removal. Armpits
    Laser Hair Removal. Armpits
  • Laser Hair Removal. Legs
    Laser Hair Removal. Legs
  • Laser Hair Removal. Arms
    Laser Hair Removal. Arms
  • Laser Hair Removal. Antennae
    Laser Hair Removal. Antennae

Laser Hair Removal - One of the fastest and most efficient way to remove unwanted hair on any part of the face and body of the patient. The method is based on the principle of the destruction of the hair follicles under the influence of the thermal energy of the beam, which penetrates into the surface layers of derma. Modern methods, unique technology not only able to remove unwanted hair, but also make your skin flawless.

Our center of laser cosmetology єpilyatsii and - this is the place, where this procedure is carried out efficiently and safely, and the result's price.


In our center, laser hair removal is performed in the selective photothermolysis, by selective absorption of light by melanin, which is contained in the follicles and hair shafts. The result is thermal destruction of the follicle at a relative insensitivity to radiation of other components of the skin. As a consequence, further hair growth stops completely or significantly reduced. However, such a session is not harmful to the skin, because the laser has an integrated cooling system, providing special anesthetic effect, creating maximum comfort.

It should be noted, it is also possible in Uzhgorod hold harmless laser hair removal for clients with darker skin types. This became feasible through the use of modern diode laser MeDioStar NeXT, and a combination of two types of waves 810/940 nm, which allows individual approach to each patient.


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