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Laser Hair Removal

The good laser hair removal? And a lot of interesting things about hair and lasers

chem-horosha-lazernaja-jepiljacijaWith the advent of laser technologies in cosmetology, many procedures have performed easily. The word "laser" is an acronym (view abbreviations), that in the Russian language has long been an independent word. Literally "laser" means a light source with high energy, which can be focused and be converted into a narrow beam. One of the methods of laser technologies in cosmetology is the laser hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal - is one of the fastest and most effective ways to remove unnecessary hair once and for all. In just a few treatments, you can achieve a smooth and soft skin on almost any part of the face and body. If all the requirements of the procedure, It is completely safe and does not cause harm to health.

How the laser hair removal process?

Under the influence of the laser beam, passing along the trunk hair, cell heating occurs, containing melanin, and the subsequent destruction of the hair follicle. Skin is not damaged, a little warm up and cool down quickly. Laser hair removal allows you to remove only the hairs, which had grown to 3-5 mm and are visible on the surface, i.e, They are in the active growth phase (anagen). But there is always a "replacement" or dormant hair follicles, which come in the anagen phase after procedures, therefore, for the complete removal of unwanted hair requires multiple sessions.

In the case of dark hair on dark skin or light (red) hair on light skin is almost the desired effect is not achieved. For effect requires dark (dark brown) hair on light skin, then the laser beam is absorbed by the hair is. But today it is possible to solve these problems, for this you just need to choose the desired type of laser exposure.

Lasers, designed for permanent hair removal, emit light at a wavelength, which is selectively absorbed by the pigment melanin, contained in the hair and in the epidermis - the most superficial layer of the skin. The "suitable" candidate of the melanin content in the hair is much higher, than in epidermis. Thermal energy destroys the hair itself, those cells as well as, of which usually hair grows again. Besides, the epidermis is further cooled during the procedure. When a laser flash of thermal energy is absorbed mainly hair, and virtually no effect on the skin laser.

The ability of the laser to emit a beam of light in a very narrow wavelength range is a key factor, allowing safe conduct of laser hair removal treatments. IPL systems are deprived of benefits, they have a wider spectrum and act as hair, and on the surrounding skin structure. This reduces the efficiency and increases the risk of burns.

Preparing for laser hair removal and its implementation

Preparation is, that the patient needs to grow hair for at least 3-5 mm (at sites, which previously used other methods of hair removal or depilation). Selecting the length of 3-5 mm is also not accidental, because in this case, can be guaranteed efficiency and quality procedures.

Small areas of the skin irradiated with the laser for a predetermined period of time. So, eg, Zone "antennae" handled all 10-12 minutes, Zone bikini - 20-30 minutes. The maximum processing time takes thighs - 1 time.

In patients with high pain threshold laser hair removal can be carried out without anesthesia, but there are patients with a low pain threshold, that can not even tolerate a little pain. In this case, the scope of processed anesthetic cream.

Besides, modern laser systems are equipped with nozzles, whereby the skin during manipulation cooled, which reduces its sensitivity. During hair removal eyes should be protected by sunglasses.

Results after a course of treatments


what undesirablelazernaja-epilation-bikinie effects may occur?
Many patients, especially men are interested in not only the question of the possible pain sensations, but also about the consequences of this procedure. The occurrence of undesirable effects of laser hair removal depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the presence of the patient's allergic reactions. In these cases, congestion may occur on the skin, which disappears in a few days.

In addition to redness, patients sometimes complain about the appearance of swelling or bruising, as well as traces of burns in the form of blisters. The reasons for this are two - the recent and intense tan, and unprofessional Medical cosmetologist. Both reasons are entirely eliminated. Tanned skin and so received a large dose of ultraviolet radiation, and another stream of light may damage, so after tanning procedure can not be performed.

In the second case, an undesirable outcome can be prevented, if you approach the selection of interior and specialist, Guided by the experience of the cosmetician and the level of its professionalism, rather than the cheap and lazernaja-epilation-grandmotheraffordable price.

Mention should be made for patients with high vegetation on the skin, caused by hormonal disorders. To Laser or any other kind of hair removal to help cope with the problem, it is necessary to eliminate the source, - namely, hormonal imbalances. Otherwise, the hair will grow again, even after several sessions. With only soft hairs can be achieved by laser (with hirsutism).

the negative effects of laser hair removal

What not to do after?
To avoid swelling and redness beautician immediately after laser hair removal gets a special tool, reduces skin irritation. It is also necessary for several days, applied to the skin cream or lotion with a view to its power and mitigating. Even in the case of traces of burns (which is very rare) you should use a special healing ointment (Bepanten, panthenol and Others). In compliance with all appointments go through complications 7-10 days.

After laser hair removal is also not recommended for the following::

Sunbathing in the sun and go to bath, sauna and solarium.
Taking antibiotics, hormonal agents, neuroleptics, sulfa drugs and other.
Rip off the crust burns, so as not to appear hyperpigmentation lesions or scars.
Venture out on a sunny day without sunscreen with SPF-protection of not less than 30 units.
Types of lasers for hair removal
The main difference in laser systems, used in cosmetology, It is the wavelength. That is the length of the waves determines the final outcome and the desired effect.

Frequently asked Questions:

— IPL or laser hair removal: what's better?

Laser hair removal - a method of laser exposure, which uses rays wide range of wavelengths - from 400 to 1200 nm. The procedures are similar to each other, Laser hair removal but is more versatile method and applied it, which require a more intensive level of exposure.

— Electrolysis and laser hair removal: what to choose?

This is a completely different procedure, by which to achieve the desired effect. Electrolysis is more suitable for patients with fair skin and blonde (red) hair.

— Does laser hair removal during pregnancy?

It is best during pregnancy does not carry out any manipulations, including even the most harmless cosmetic. This is, that the long-term results are not tracked after them women and children, and during the childbearing intervention in the natural process of pregnancy is traditionally reduced to zero.

— Harmful if laser hair removal?

The procedure of laser hair removal is no longer harmful, than the solarium.

— Is your hair disappear forever?

Yes, but that the skin should be light, and dark hair, to the contrast between them was formed and all the rays were absorbed by it was dark haired with a high content of melanin pigment.

— How many treatments do you need for a complete hair removal?

The number of procedures in each case determines the cosmetologist strictly individual. To remove a small lack of vegetation 1 to 3 procedures, and with a strong hold hair growth may take 6 to 10 sessions.

— Suits me whether laser hair removal?

Both men, and women are turning to professionals to remove unwanted hair. Usually the procedure is performed in a variety of areas: armpits, zone bikini, legs, arms, back, chin, upper lip and other. The laser selectively heats the dark pigment - melanin. therefore, the lighter skin and darker and coarser hair - better results. The most suitable candidates - people with light skin and dark hair. Do not delete the white, gray, vellus hair. Puny removes red hair.

— What is the best laser for hair removal?

Laser type selected in each case individually, taking into account the skin type, its color and condition of the hair. Classification is based on an individual skin reaction to solar radiation and distinguishes skin types depending on the degree of burning or tanning, that a person experiences.

Here is an approximate description of 6 skin types Fitzpatrick:

A TYPE 1: Very bright European (Celtic). Leather soft, milky white, often with freckles, hair color - red or very light, eyes - light blue or green. The pigment in the skin of people is produced in small amounts. Skin burns quickly and tans almost.

A TYPE 2: European Light. light Skin, few freckles. eyes bright, hair blonde, Brown or Brown. Quickly burns, tans minimally.

A TYPE 3: Dark European. The skin is slightly dark, without freckles. Eyes often brown, hair - Dark Brown, dark brown. Sometimes burns, tans easily.

A TYPE 4: South European or Mediterranean type. leather smuglaya, with olive tinge, eyes and dark hair. Virtually no burn and tan very quickly. example: the indigenous inhabitants of southern European countries, Spanish, Asian Games.

A TYPE 5: Middle Eastern style. Very dark skin. Hair and dark eyes. The skin tans quickly, never burns. example: the indigenous inhabitants of India, China, other Asian countries.

A TYPE 6: African-American style. Very dark skin, hair and eyes - black. The skin never burns.

Alexandrite lasers are the best choice for 1-3 skin types;

Diode - for 1-4 types;

Neodimovыe - dlya 4-6 types.

*Neodymium lasers have been specifically designed for dark skin types. for example, patients 5 and 6 Skin type can not use other types of lasers. In this case, using power, sufficient depilating, the risk of burns is very high.

AND, of course, laser hair removal should not be performed on tanned skin. When using any type of laser is a very important factor for best results.