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Wax Depilyatsiya

  • Wax depilyatsiya
    Wax depilyatsiya
  • Wax depilyatsiya
  • Wax depilyatsiya
    Wax depilyatsiya
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What is waxing?

waxing — the safest, effective and quick way to get rid of unwanted hair.
Today's society should be defined in relation to the canons of beauty of the female body , and smooth skin — It is not the last place.
waxing (waxing) popular among women of all ages around the world, since this method not only removes unwanted hair, but also makes the skin velvet, humidified, silky.
There are three types of wax depilation:
— Wax depilation cold wax (use cold, does not require heating of the wax). Such a method has several drawbacks: Lukavica does not come out completely, so through 3-7 hair days «will delight» We once again appeared on the body;
— waxing warm wax (application temperature of the wax 37-40 FROM). This wax removes hair from hands, legs, back, breast. High-quality wax can not only remove unwanted hair, but also to restore the metabolic processes of the skin, moisturize the skin. Since vprotsesse wax depilation peeled stratum corneum (ie. carries out its peeling) and 1-2 degrees increases skin temperature — all cream, oils, emulsion penetrate the skin better, moisturizing and nourishing it. The result is a smooth, silky, healthy skin. We use Spanish wax, which includes titanium dioxide — important substance, which acts as a filter against the sun and protects your skin from free radicals. After the procedure, wax depilation (waxing) the skin will be evenly sunbathe;
— waxing hot wax (application temperature of the wax 45-48 FROM). Hot wax has been specifically designed for waxing sensitive areas (bikini, underarms and face). Such wax warms the skin and removes the hair completely with Lukavica, without damaging the skin, without violating the integrity of the skin (mucosa including). Hot wax is melted with a special depilation, applied with a trowel (individually
for each client), and removed by hand. Waxing hot wax is less painful and very comfortable for clients with different threshold of pain.

The advantages of wax depilation:
• fastest way to 3-4 Time to get rid of unwanted hair;
• In regular use of hair grows smaller, and they grow thinner, light and soft;
• You can sunbathe before the procedure and within a day after the procedure, wax depilation (epilation);
• affordable price;
• Individual approach to each client;
waxing (waxing) It carried out at not less than the length of hair 4 mm, and the absence of skin diseases.

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