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Sugar Depilyatsiya

  • Sugar depilyatsiya
    Sugar depilyatsiya
  • Sugar dєpilyatsiya
    Sugar dєpilyatsiya

Smooth velvety skin without a single hair on the body - one of the components of the overall beauty. Beauties from ancient times used various means, to achieve the perfect effect. From ancient Egypt comes to us sugar hair removal. It has become incredibly fashionable in recent times due to the effect long enough and tolerant of pain treatments.

Razor too unreliable tool for this delicate procedure. The most worthy alternative to expensive methods of hair removal, such as photo-epilation and laser hair removal - it's sugar or depilyatsiya shugaring
In preparing paste the simplest components are used to shugaring: lemon juice, Water and sugar. You can add essential oils and other emollients and soothing ingredients. Sometimes honey is used instead of sugar.

What shugaring and what are its advantages?

The word "shugaring" comes from the English "sugar", which means "sugar". There are several types of formulation for hair removal sugar paste, but the basic substance of all types of sugar remains normal. In the days of the Egyptian queens instead of sugar use honey, wax juice and herbs, but the essence remains the same. Sweet syrup - even in Africa sweet syrup.

Sugar hair removal is now being introduced in Europe, but every year is gaining more and more space, because it has many obvious advantages. These include:

  1. Low level of allergenicity. Today it is difficult to find a man, who have allergies to foods and sugar. Besides, sugar syrup such property derives from the absence therein of dyes and other synthetic substances, which can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions.
  2. Room temperature syrup, which hair is removed, It reduces the risk of burns to a minimum (compared to depilation with hot wax).
  3. The sugar syrup for epilation can be cooked at home, it is enough to find a recipe.
  4. Cost effective and reusable syrup for hair removal. One scoop of sugar, you can remove hair at a decent part of the body. Used for this ball is rolled again on a skin surface and the hair removed.
  5. After epilation leftover pasta shugaring simply washed off with warm water.
  6. Epilation sugar paste does not cause ingrown hairs in future, because it is not made against, and along the hairline.
  7. Lack of heating allows even patients shugaring, who have varicose veins.
  8. Sugar is able to stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby carrying out the procedure to minimize the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

Shugaring techniques and types of sugar paste

Technique of hair removal using sugar paste is slightly different, as in professional salons use cooked sugar paste of different consistencies. Sugar paste can be the following types of:

  • Upholstered, elastic and very soft paste, which is applied to the flat surfaces of large area. These include hands, legs, life.
  • Sugar paste of medium consistency - is considered to be a universal remedy and is used in almost any area of ​​the face and body.
  • Pasta dense consistency - is also considered a universal means, whereby hair removed area of ​​hands, legs, and armpits, bikini, upper lip.
  • Very thick sugar paste - used for removing hair in places with high sensitivity (deep bikini, armpits, mustache).

Various techniques are used for hair removal using sugar hair removal. These include:

  1. Manual or classical technique shugaring. In this technique, a paste used any consistency, and hair removal performed hands (manualnym way). Beautician deals paste thus, that it does not spread out (strictly on the line hair removal), and then a sharp movement tear it with hair. The paste is applied against the hairline, and is removed along the line. Sugar bead hands can be heated to body temperature.
  2. Bandage machinery. shugaring procedure is similar to hair removal using wax. Likewise, a paste is applied using a spatula, and then impose special strips or bandage. This technique is used in cases, When the hair is long and must be removed on a large surface of skin. Bandage technique is also used for hair removal in hard to reach areas of the body.
  3. Manual technique with applications. It is used in high temperature and excessive sweating man. For this purpose, a very dense paste, which is applied to applications in the field of hair removal. Allow the application to the 2 minutes, and then tear along the hairline.

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